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I’m sure you’ll recognise Sheree Ferguson from past shoots, who is an awesome Events Planner.  Her little boys are oh so lucky to have a Mum that throws them such lovely themed parties and this one was great.  The birthday boy even sprayed his Dad with extra love whilst blowing out the candles and I’m so glad to have captured that!

It’s 2015 and I’m so excited with what this year will bring.  I’ve set myself a challenge to take more photo’s of my family just being them.  At home, playing, sleeping, eating, all of it, because life flies and I want the memories captured of the small stuff.  The stuff that really matters.  So here’s my first post with this new real photography in mind.

This here is Quinn.  He’s my crazy kid.  He’s endearing to everyone he choses to point those big brown eyes at, truly just a beautiful child.  But he’s a tornado in our house and is so LOUD.  He arrived into the world in an adventurous manner and screaming, which really is in keeping with his personality.  If he doesn’t turn out to be a base jumper I will be shocked…seriously!

But then he sleeps and is peaceful, still, quiet…the complete opposite of his personality.  He literally melts my heart xx

So proud of this piece in Spoonful magazine.  It’s the first time my pictures have been in print and it’s about a lovely client, turned dear friend, who rocked 2014 under challenging circumstances.  Tracy of Shut Up and Relax Yoga is simply inspiring and it’s been a pleasure meeting and photographing her in the past year xx  Beautiful henna crown by Oriel at Henna Harem

  • Tracy - 1 Jan 2015 - 11:30 am

    Every time I look at these photos, I’m overwhelmed with emotion. It was such a big deal to lose my hair. Having the henna crown made it okay. You captured these moments Kate, with such clarity and allowed me to share them. To see our story now in print is brilliant. Really proud of you Kate. Love to you always T xReplyCancel

    • katemodlock - 1 Jan 2015 - 9:15 pm

      Wouldn’t have missed it for the world xReplyCancel