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That girl over there with the big grin, that’s me and the cute bundle of boys below are my family.

My three little men are the perfect mix of crazy and loving and I’d be lost without them.

That lucky guy in the picture is Tristan.  We met on a train to London 10 years ago and have been inseparable ever since.

We’ve moved around the world together.  My camera has been with us the whole time.

Photographing my family doing the every day things, eating, sleeping, reading books, whatever they’re doing, that’s what I want my images to look like.  Just being them and being us as a family.



I love photography and documenting lives. Capturing the real bits.

And that’s what I do for my clients.

Giving you photographs that show your family, together and just being yourselves.

At home where your children are comfortable and relaxed or at your favourite park or beach.

Wherever you choose, I’m there to capture the real connection between you and your family.